5 Recommendations FOR NEW PARENTS For the duration of Baby Safety MONTH

Congratulations on your infant. You are likely to be a fantastic parent, and we are going to be right here with you so you are not alone. September is Baby Safety Month therefore it is the ideal time for all these 5 safety tips.

Have your car seat installed by a certified child passenger seat tech (CPST) in a car seat test event near you. It is also possible to learn how to use and set up your car seat by checking out our Ultimate Car Seat Guide.
Before placing your baby down for a rest or at the night, keep in mind that a firm mattress and 안전놀이터 will be all you will need for your infant’s crib. Eliminate toys and blankets in the crib and utilize a sleeping bag on colder nights. Learn more about sleep security.


Place your infant’s crib and other furniture away from windows to prevent falls or strangulation. Your infant is safer with no cords or strings within reach. Find out more about drops prevention and choking prevention.
Remember to place your water heater to 120° F to prevent scalds. This is going to ensure the water gets to a stage that may injury the infant. Learn more about burns off.
Install working smoke alarm AND a carbon monoxide alarm on each level of your house, and in all sleeping areas. This is an important suggestion for not only baby security, but household security too. And please examine the alarms often to be certain they function. Learn more about fire prevention.