5 Tips to Maintain and Care for Marble

Granite is a gorgeous natural stone that may be used for a vast range of applications. Spanning from kitchen countertops into bathroom floors, marble is a more versatile rock that’s seen in several areas throughout the house.

Although marble is a somewhat durable all-natural stone, as time passes, marble can wear and tarnish if not properly cared for. One of the biggest misconceptions is that marble could be washed in the exact same fashion as other natural stones, like granite. Marble is, in fact, a softer stone which is vulnerable to chipping, staining, and chemical peeling.

It is thus critical that you care for marble with appropriate products and the right strategy. Below I will share with you five ways to keep the lifespan of your marble.

1. Keep a consistent cleaning program. One of the best ways to prevent scratching and tarnishing of marble is to ensure the surface is regularly clean and free from debris. It’s often the rubbing of dirt and sand particles on marble that causes it tarnish. Furthermore, marble tends to be very susceptible to water stains, so it is crucial to wipe a marble coating in the case it becomes moist.

Even though there are quite a few fantastic marble cleaners available, a very simple wipe-down with a soft cloth dipped in warm water is enough to handle the job. Never use vinegar or any other highly-acidic solutions to clean marble, as this might result in chemical peeling of the pure stone. When completely cleaning marble, look at using a PH-neutral soap or detergent that’s safe for organic stone. If you have black marble, for example Belgium Black, an acetone strand is secure and highly effective to use.

2. Take good care of spills before they stain. It only requires a couple minutes for the acidity of such liquids to begin entering marble, so it is best to manage such spills immediately. If cleaning-up stain-inducing spills, prevent employing a rubbing or wiping motion. Instead, blot and absorb as much of the liquid as possible using a soft towel or cloth.

3. Always remember that marble is much more delicate than it appears. The alloy of pans and pots, or even on jeans and trousers, can easily scratch marble surfaces if not cautious. Invest in some quality coasters, placemats, and hot pads to guarantee hot and heavy objects never make contact with your marble surface. Also consider placing some ground-rules if you have children that might want to plop a seat on your marble countertop. The damage induced by deep scratches and chipping is a number of the toughest to fix.

4. Polish marble on a regular basis. Taking the time to polish marble could go a lengthy way to maintain its life. There are numerous polishers on the marketplace that are specifically design for marble rock. A marble polish could provide a protective coating that wards-off water stains, stains, and chemical peeling. Essentially, this investment and effort is just one of the greatest strategies to extend the life marble.

5. Refinish and revive your Granite . After a few decades, your marble may benefit from being refinished and restored. Although there are marble polishing company that provide marble restoration, you can also put money into a do-it-yourself masonry restoration or refinishing kit. These kits (which cost a bit over $100 for an excellent apparel ) include virtually everything you want to wash, buff, and refinish marble to look like new. Obviously, the outcome will be dependent on the present quality of your marble.