Additional Virgin Olive Oil Types: Varieties, Tastes, Acidity and Peroxides


Added virgin Comprar aceite types: Coupage and Monovarietal

The first variation between extra virgin olive oils is related to the type of oil. Coupage is a kind of oil elaborated with the juice of different kind of olives. This mixing of olives is done in order to obtain a particular liquid with a very special taste. This olive oil is incredibly exclusive and attractive for consumers and is considered real traditional craftwork.

The monovarietal oil is a juice thoroughly obtained from the same kind of olive. It is also very exclusive, for the scary palate.

Extra virgin olive oil types – Attributes: Coloring

The color of olive oil can vary between gold and natural. These colors are determined by the quantity of chlorophyll and carotene in oil. These color variations do not compromise the grade of olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil types – Attributes: Preference

The tastes of extra virgin olive oils are the following versions:

. Fruity: This taste and aroma remind us for healthy and fresh olives. The oils with these flavor are made with very green olives.

. Grass: Oils with this flavor remind us of olive leaves and grass.

. Apple mackintosh: Oils with this taste remind us of apples.

. Walnuts: It is commonly associated with sweet oils. Oils with this tastes and aroma remind us of dried fruits. Be aware that this taste can be confusing. Rancid oils may taste in the same manner.

. Bitter: Typical taste of oils extracted from quite green olives.

. Hot: Spicy taste. These oils are generally produced from olives picked at the beginning of the season.

. Astringent: Sensation about some oils in our mouths. Note that it can be confusing. Shape may taste similarly.

. Sweet: Very nice taste. It does not abandon any hot, bitter taste and any astringent discomfort.

It is also possible to find some varieties of olives that would present different tastes and varieties in olives oils:

Further virgin olive oil types – Varieties of fruits

. Arbequina: The extra virgin olive oil variety comes from a very special olive fruit called Arbequina. This small fruit is very resistant to climate changes and is very well known by its high quality. Their juices are spicy and slightly greasy.

. Alfafarenca: This unique olive variety is of great resistance and of delayed maturity. Its oil is of medium quality, nevertheless very well appreciated. Its bitter and spicy taste and its particular slightly golden colour are their symbols of information.

. Blanqueta: The nearly white color is very common with this variety of fruit. They are picked manually and during the drink extraction, no chemical product is used. The taste of olive oil is fruity and bitter, very aromatic and with a superior percentage of linoleic acid.

. Frantoio: The oil manufactured by this variety of fruit is highly appreciated because of its fruity preference and its great conservation characteristics. It is sweet, creamy along with soft, very aromatic and very nice. Very similar to arbequina.