Aetna Health Insurance Plans – What You Need to Know

Aetna Health Insurance announced they’re leaving the California market for family and individual plans. The ending date of each of their programs will be December 31, 2013. All 49,000 Aetna customers still have six months to determine which health program they ought to proceed to. Within this guide we will provide you a very simple mapping which urges which strategies you ought to proceed to depending upon the Aetna health program you now have, a “gotcha” to look out for, and also a few silver linings to feel great about.

The easiest way to substitute your Aetna Health Insurance would be to just search for an alternate plan with exactly the same (or comparable) allowance amount. The suggestions below will ensure it is simple to perform. With only a bit more effort, you can re-think exactly what you want in annual medical advantages and select a strategy that the much better match for your present requirements. In any event, you need to have the ability to locate a fantastic solution given below.

Aetna has ever been more prepared to take individuals with a few health conditions. I know lots of my customers ‘ in Aetna plans since they had particular health conditions that the other carriers either wouldn’t accept, or might “rate” much greater than Aetna. This is something you’ve got to know about and be cautious about.

For those who have existing health conditions, or are “too short” (alright… a tiny over-weight), or have a graded program with Aetna, then you need to definitely speak to a broker before you employ with a different health insurance provider. You will want to have the agent do Pre-Screen Requests for one to view the way the other insurance providers will see to your application.

It’s very important to perform the pre-screen step first, since if you only decide on a health plan, apply to it and then get declined or rated much greater, it is going to be quite difficult to acquire other insurance businesses to consider your program.

Let us begin mapping replacement programs…

The Value plans offer you numerous different deductibles, $8,000, $5,000, $2,500, and supply 3 office visits to get a easy copay, and policy for Generic prescriptions.

This strategy description fits quite closely to what’s given in the Anthem Blue Cross SmartSense plans. If you simply want two office visits instead of 3, then the top options are the Health Net PPO Advantage plans along with the ClearProtection program from Anthem Blue Cross.

If the cost of this plan is just one of the major facets, then this is the way the option plans above must be utilized.

In nearly all instances, the option plans from Anthem along with Health Net will probably be reduced price compared to corresponding Aetna Value plans. You will have to reassess health insurance quotes to determine how the pricing appears to your place in California.

Aetna alternative programs from all significant health insurers in California. The best programs!

The Open Access programs are Aetna’s high-end offerings. These programs provided unlimited office visits for merely a copay, given both Generic and Brand name prescription policy, and provided deductibles of 5,000, 3,500, 2,750, and 1,750.

The top mappings of this Open Access programs are the next:

  • Cigna Open Access Value programs – Cigna’s entrance plans, but quite like the Aetna programs but without manufacturer name prescription policy
  • Anthem Blue Cross Premier programs – those programs would be the top of the lineup from Anthem
  • Cigna Open Access programs – the luxury Cigna programs
  • Blue Shield Shield Secure Plus programs – Blue Shield’s top-end programs
    Health Net doesn’t have some programs that offer unlimited office visits and policy of brand name prescriptions, therefore there are not any options listed.