Airsoft FAQ’s: Airsoft Batteries

All airsoft guns (AEG’s) are battery powered. The performance of an AEG is significantly determined by the caliber of its battery, and the type of battery used. Before we dive into what type of battery is best for your particular AEG, it’s important to understand the terminology used when speaking about batteries.

Battery This is a container which holds chemicals carrying out an electric control and can be used as a power source.

Battery Pack: This is an assortment of batteries wired together to increase the overall energy output/ voltage.

There are two types of voltage used in air. The first is that the voltage of the individual battery cell. The second is the total voltage of the entire pack. (Generally the greater the Voltage number, the greater the rate of fire (rate ) will be to your airsoft gun. But, higher voltage kinds can reduce the life span of the airsoft gun by causing excessive wear on the gears, though many higher end airsoft guns are built to withstand this usage.)

MilliAmp Hours (Mah): MilliAmp Hours determine how long your battery will have the ability to power your airsoft rifle before requiring a charge. The greater this amount, the more you can use it without having a charge.

This is done in order to keep certain types of batteries.

Charger: A charger can be used to transfer power into a MXJO 21700 Battery battery.

Balancer: A balancer is a device that evenly distributes power to all cells and draws energy from ber cells to poorer cells to keep all cells . These are required in case charging Lithium Polymer batteries.

There are 3 chief types of airsoft batteries: Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh), Nickel Metal Cadmium (Ni-Cad), and Lithium Polymer (Li-Po).

They’re easy to maintain and control, and generally have a higher MilliAmp Hour rating compared to other batteries. They can be billed without a balancer, but a smart charger (a charger that decides if the battery has reached its energy capacity) is highly recommended. These batteries come in many different configurations and can be used to power almost any airsoft gun. It is necessary to note that not all of Ni-Mh battery cells would be exactly the same, it’s always helpful to purchase high quality Ni-Mh batteries to grow the lifetime and output of your battery life.

Nickel Metal Cadmium (Ni-Cad) Batteries: These batteries are usually considered obsolete since they contain very toxic chemicals or maintain their charge for quite as long as Ni-Mh batteries. The Ni-Cad batteries also need considerably more maintenance because they can become useless if not completely discharged between use.

Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) Batteries: These batteries are taking the airsoft world by storm, partially because they provide very low immunity capability to the airsoft gun, which increases performance, and because they can last longer between charges than normal Ni-Mh batteries. But, Lithium batteries do require maintenance and safety when charging. Li-Po batteries have to be billed using a balancer, because if one mobile overcharges it can easily overheat and cause the battery to catch fire. Li-Po batteries do raise the rate of fire of the majority of airsoft guns, however the greater speed can cause faster wear on the airsoft rifle. It is vital to make sure your airsoft rifle can handle a Li-Po battery before use.

Charging: The normal wall sockets that come with airsoft guns are never an optimal approach to control your airsoft battery, and when left unsupervised, may lead to harm to your battery making it useless. To avoid damaging you battery it is important to use a good charger. Normally a wise charger is the best choice when charging Ni-Mh batteries, since it charges the battery in under half the time and prevents the battery from charging.