All You will need to understand About Cigar Wrappers


Cigarette papers aficionados are aware that the color of this wrapper could say a great deal about the tastes and scents of Cuban Cigars. To quote the excellent cigar leader, Zino Davidoff,”The strength of a cigar is indicated by its colours — the darker the cigar, the stronger the taste”.

Regardless of the concreteness of the announcement, there are too many differentiations and exceptions to accept this rule. In an effort to explain the misconceptions regarding cigar wrappers and the way they contribute to the general flavor of a cigar, we’re looking into the variants of cigar wrappers, in how that they are cultivated into the distinctive characteristics they include to some Cuban puro.

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A heap of coffee leaves at El Laguito factory

CANDELLA — Highly common in the American marketplace, the Candella wrapper can also be known by the title Clarisimo or Double Claro while the color of its leaves vary from fair blond to vivid green. Their title, Candella, effects in the way that the leaves are fermented, with the usage of a candlelight. During the farming process, leaves are frequently flash treated either via a quick drying procedure or a charcoal flame that enables the leaves to lock at the chlorophyll, describing their rich green color. It also worth mentioning that green hued cigars are usually called Candella while blond ones mainly go by the title Double Claro.

CLARO — Also called Connecticut Shade, Claro results in cultivating the cigarette leaves early. Claro is generally grown under cheesecloth tents as to decrease the leaves exposure to sunlight, maintaining them in cool temperatures in the color. This technique also protects fragile leaves from changing weather conditions. As a consequence of a pure air drying procedure, the Claro wrappers obtain a unique tan or gold color. Even though the Connecticut Shade is the most well-known instance of this procedure, Claro could be cultivated out North-Eastern USA, such as Ecuador, in which a moderate yet aromatic Claro foliage has been produced.

The Procedure for handrolling a cigar in El Laguito factory

COLORADO CLARO — This specific wrapper goes by the title Natural. As its name implies the Colorado Claro foliage is grown from the most naturally manner, facing the sun, describing its medium brownish color. As compared with all the above leaves, the Colorado Claro is made to grow for a brief quantity of time prior to being cultivated. This causes a so called natural wrapper that’s neither too dark nor too light. The Por Larranaga Petit Coronas Cigar from our assortment includes a Colorado Claro wrapper and reflects the puro’s mild to moderate profile — an superb illustration of the tan color and feature aromas of this Colorado Claro wrapper.

COLORADO — The Colorado wrapper is just one of the most well-known options amongst cigars aficionados. Characterised by identifying aromas and flavors that are rich, the Colorado leaves are largely grown in colour also. Left to older for much longer than their counterparts, the Colorado leaves create a strong profile. Our Choice of Regular Production Cuban Cigars provides a broad Choice of beautiful puros encased from the Colorado wrapper. One of these being the Romeo Y Julieta Belicosos Cigar. Wrapped using a wealthy Colorado foliage, the Belicosos Cigar unites deep flavours with a light sheen of oil.

Left: Por Larranaga Petit Coronas Cigar, Right: Romeo Y Julieta Belicosos Cigar
COLORADO MADURO — The union between the Colorado and the Maduro foliage as its name suggests. This wrapper is promised to be the Spanish favorite. Some specialists and cigar aficionados say that being marginally less treated than the Maduro wrapper, the Colorado Maduro keeps a more fragrant flavour profile.

Cigarette papers

MADURO — Meaning older in Spanish, the Maduro is thought to be among the most popular cigar wrappers, encasing puros of notable Cuban Cigars manufacturers, such as Cohiba for several years. An all-time favourite among Cuban cigars fans, Maduro is generally cultivated by the greatest leaves of this plant that are exposed directly to sunlight. Even the Maduro wrapper can tackle years of healing and fermentation, whereas the leaves are often thick and rough, perfect to be able to endure the excess heat throughout the stress room aging procedure. The result is an oily nevertheless powerful wrapper with uniquely sweet flavour and higher nicotine content. Outdated in barrels for a minimum of five decades, the Maduro wrapper of this Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos Cigar increases the exceptional aromas and inherent sweetness of the fine puro.

Left: Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos Cigar, Right: Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios Cigar

OSCURO — Sometimes called Double Maduro or Black, the Oscuro is your most bizarre coloured cigar wrapper. Also gathered from the greatest leaves of this plant, Oscuro leaves are left to the plant for as long as you can before cutting them. Additionally, Oscuro undergoes a far more extreme and more fermentation process compared to a Maduro that may endure for several decades. This procedure contributes into a dark and nearly black wrapper, demanding in texture and with a rather characteristic flavour profile. The Oscuro is an infrequent wrapper to come across as a result of the quantity of work demanded.

Cigar wrappers contribute equally to the overall look and the seriousness of a cigar’s tastes. In the mild and vibrant green Candella into the dark and thick flavoured Oscuro, locate the ideal puro to your preference from our amazing choice of nice Cuban Cigars Online. Read more about Cuban Cigars and exactly what they are made of this:

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