Ash Footwear Influences The New Cheryl Shoe Collection

After a long time of being a UK fashion celebrity, Cheryl Cole has stepped to the apparel market to style her very own range of designer sneakers. She’s set to put her creativity to the Sole Runner im Test┬átest with her very first shoe set in cooperation with a major online retailer. The artist is well-known for owning over 2000 pairs of shoes, so she has the experience of understanding what she desires, and what the public want from a pair of shoes. In this brand new collection she’s concentrated on the finer detail and comfort for her designs to maximise the potential marketplace of what women could relate to.

This collection defines the singers own style but includes aspects to match a variety of other girls styles as well. This was an important element in the design and creation of the new collection as she wanted to be hands on in the procedures to produce styles that she knows and loves. These fashions come from inspiration from various designer apparel including Ash Footwear; you can view resemblances in this new set to the Ash Boots that have been an inspiration over the last year.

This new collection contains a variety of different kinds of footwear to link to a host of womens requirements. She considers that this collection has something that all women are searching for and can be worn on a number of events. Cheryl was hands on in the design process; choosing fabric, colour, shape and choosing a title to suit each layout, this personal touch she hopes will make the difference in developing a exceptional assortment of designer footwear that will appeal to a plethora of women.

To appeal to a selection of girls this collection features both glamorous and informal designs so that girls have a diverse choice for evening and day wear. A number of the designs feature classic styles with a modern edge much like the Ash Footwear collection. We expect this set to be a major hit in regards to leading style and design with the effect of Cheryl along with the mass celebrity lifestyle which surrounds her, many designer labels will be looking to take new ideas and inspirations in the singer. The collection is priced reasonably between #79.90 and #119.85 depending on the boot and shoe type for this season.