Bee Pollen and B Vitamins – Who Else Wants More Energy?

Bee pollen and B vitamins make for a delectable cocktail of enjoyment for our body and soul.

This supplement is packed with a myriad of stunning vitamins; it nearly has the entire alphabet! You will definitely find A, C, D, K Vitamins and more in your pollen supplements.

Today, though, we are going to focus on the powerhouse connected with vitamins, the vitamins that give us the extra oomph in addition to energy to tackle any task; the B multivitamins!

B vitamins are truly astounding and are incredibly best to many aspects of your health, well-being and providing you with more strength than a handful of toddlers with Halloween candy.

Okay whilst the above claim may be a slight exaggeration (nobody has the same amount of energy as candy-fuelled toddlers). It still holds true this B vitamins found in pollen can and will amaze you actually with the amount of energy and the feeling of life you are going to include when using pollen supplements.

-Prepare Yourself For Science Time-

The B vitamins you can find in bee pollen usually are:

Thiamine (vitamin B-1)

Vitamin B-1 is used for a full host of reason across the board medically and these benefits can be located from the B-1 you will find in your pollen.

Thiamine is perfect for digestive : problems, including those whose suffer with poor digestion plus ongoing diarrhea. It is given medically to help with infected nerves too, such as during pregnancy.

B-1 is also perfect for maximizing the immune system and is often prescribed to AIDS patients due to the remarkable effects.

Riboflavin (vitamin B-2)

Vitamin B-2 is needed in treating issues such as cervical cancer, acne, muscle cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other conditions. It is also notable for issues with the eye such as cataracts and glaucoma.

B-2 is effective with preventing migraine headaches, and like all of the other bee pollen candy b vitamin’s is perfect for boosting energy levels and the immune system.

Niacin (vitamin B-3)

Vitamin B-3 is the perfect vitamin for all suffering with high cholesterol, it helps de-clog your veins and bloodstream and renewing the oxygen levels in your body.

Niacin is likewise used medically for psychological issues such as schizophrenia and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Pyridoxine (vitamin B-6)

Vitamin B-6 is often a wonder vitamin. It is needed by your body to help practice the energy from the foods you eat, ultimately the more you have, cardiovascular disease calories you could burn off!

B-6 is also needed by the system when producing new red blood cells, making this an incredibly precious B vitamin.

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5)

Lastly we are Vitamin B-5, Pantothenic acid. This vitamin has a number of effective uses as long as both my arms and yours blended, it is particularly impressive indeed. It is often given alongside different B Vitamins as it compliments their effects and makes these individuals more potent.

However , Pantothenic acid is incredibly adept at helping to management skin conditions, ranging from stings all the way through to more serious body reactions from radiation therapy.