Ceregenex and Stem Cell Research – What’s It All About?

Usually are not the heck is Ceregenex?

They are directly partnered using Neostem, a leader in adultĀ PalingenFlo stem research, storage as well as collection, plus Optigenix the developer of AC-11 (which is basically the only natural plant extract known that is which can preserve the integrity of our DNA and a health well-designed gene expression)

They are pretty new to the scene and still in their pre launch stages, so it could well be a good chance for you to get the first mover advantage and sign up premature. Not that this is always a saving grace and passport for you to financial freedom, more on that later though.

We have only two different products here, the first on is called Aio and its particular a supplement that you drink, it is packed full of vitamins along with ingredients that are designed to protect your DNA cells whilst presenting an overall balance of nutrients. As with all these products there are actually the usual promises of increased energy, vitality, slower maturing, lower cholesterol, less free radicals etc .

The 2nd product range is usually Activar an anti aging skin care formula which contains AC-11.

As far as the compensation plan goes, it’s a binary, and that means you are effectively building two sales teams, one to the left and one on the right. Sometimes, many times in fact they are often neglected by newbie’s so make sure you do your homework on researching it all. By the way, if someone tries to recruit you into any company in which uses a binary, you might be told that you MUST lock in your position fast in order to benefit from ‘spillovers’. Yes this can happen, you can make use of your uplines efforts and get spillover payments, but this kind of wont happen if you have not qualified yourself, i. age. not built a big enough & balanced team

There are actually two big brains behind Ceregenex, they are Matthew Henninger (CEO and chairman) and Richard Anzalone (president). Rich has been involved with direct sales since 1992 and Matthew has always been in corporate finance for over 20 years. Should be a pretty safe bet that they can know what they’re doing.

Most Network Marketing companies will charge which you ‘fee’ to join, usually anything from $100 – $500, but with Ceregenex you just need to buy some product, there’s no cost. A good selling point.

There does not seem to be anything bad regarding this company, they seem pretty sound, we shall have to hold out and see how they do in this very competitive niche. I truly do wonder though how they are going to train their distributors to be successful in the industry.

Did you know that the ONLY way to be successful in this industry might be DIFFERENT and stand out from the crowd? I hate to break it again to you but if you are thinking of signing up and advertising your corporation provided website all over the internet, then chances are you may not make very much money.

Those who will become top earners in Ceregenex can already be established in this industry and already have a large pursuing, perhaps from a downline built in another company. Or they might educate themselves and see why the top leaders and myself personally are today building their network marketing business on the internet on auto pilot making use of the latest cutting edge systems that do most of the legwork for us