Chocolate Diamond Rings – A Brief History

It seems that today all the anger are chocolate diamonds. All the advertisements on television are about chocolate diamond wedding rings but what are they? These are just like regular diamonds but they are brown in color and appear to be a slice of chocolate. They were called by the Le Vian Corporation and considered a trade mark that belonging to Le Vain.

Chocolate diamonds include the Argly Diamond Mine found in Kimberly, Australia. Across the globe this specific mine is the most significant contributor of chocolate diamonds. All these are mined in Russia and Africa too. The lightest color receives a one and the darkest shade receives a nine. This special piece of jewelry gets its brownish colour because of the planet’s pressure on diamonds. These diamonds have been buried deep in the earth. The way the deposition of the nitrogen atoms are on the bead’s carbon lattices determines the colour.

These rings, including engagement rings, are available in various patterns and designs. Some elect to use a combination of this product and other diamonds to provide engagement rings a unique look. One unique design is a chocolate diamond in the form of a heart and above it, a bow shape made of little white diamonds. Another unique design would be rings in various shades of brown diamonds. You can also combine aquamarine gemstones with these.

Chocolate diamonds come in a variety of shades that include:

  • • Deep orange-yellow color called honey
  • • Olive-brown colour called clove
  • • Chocolate
  • • Warm, golden brown colour called champagne
  • • Light brown colour Named cinnamon
  • • Deep reddish-orange hue called cognac

The colors most common will be the champagne, chocolate, and cognac. One important point to bear in mind is that the deeper the shade of the chocolate diamond the more costly it’s going to be. These diamonds that are authentic are rare but there are also brightly colored ones you can buy. These in particular are rare but they’re less expensive as colorless diamonds. Along with diamond engagement rings jewelers use these diamonds as configurations for earrings, bracelets, watches, and pendants.

As it’s possible to create fake jewelry by using lower grade diamonds and exposing them to radiation so as to switch the color make sure when buying engagement rings using these diamonds that you purchase the ring from a reputable jeweler. To prove it’s an authentic product it is very important that you have a certificate which certifies where the diamond was mined and came from.