Choosing The ideal Playground Safety Surfacing

You will have many different different security surfacing options such as pour-in-place rubber, rubber mulch, rubber chips, wood fiber strips, synthetic grass and compacted rubber tile. Currently there’s a gap in regards to security and endurance. I will rank each Kind of surfacing on a scale of 1-5 from top, medium high, medium low and reduced (1) being the least secure or lasting

5 to High

4 to Medium high

3 to Medium

Two for Medium low

1 for Low


(1) Wood fiber strips would be the conventional surfacing material that’s been utilized in 해외안전놀이터 safety for several decades. No matter how the durability is reduced with wood fiber, so many playgrounds have surfacing that’s transferred or disperse throughout a park resulting in a danger for fall peaks. A lot of men and women who supply playground upkeep find they frequently will need to replace the timber strips many times per year. I provide wood fiber strips a security evaluation of two and a durability rating of 3.

(2) Pour-in-place has been a developing tendency in security surfacing a couple of decades back due to its immobility and layout choices. You’ll locate rounded borders or titles that have been designed to pour-in-place design in addition to different colours. The drawback with pour-in-place is it will fade and crack within three decades or not. You’ll also start to find holes in the upper layer (you’ll find just two layers) in which the rubber was worn. This is of intense concern because of security regulations on the minimal thickness of surfacing for a specified fall elevation. Since pour-in-place is quite new, we have just noticed this lack of strength over the previous couple of years causing lots of people to steer clear of this kind of safety surfacing. I provide pour-in-place a security rating of a durability rating of two.

(3) Rubber mulch is becoming the next generation of wood fiber – exactly the very same people who make this make bigger chunks they refer to rubber chips. Recycled material is delivered via a exceptional procedure which cleans and colours the rubber so it is totally safe for kids and contains colour that lasts up to seven decades. I provide rubber mulch and rubber chips a security evaluation of 4 and a durability rating of 4.


(4) Artificial turf has existed for a little while with some decent improvements. The substance is put on a foundation of spongy beads which act as a layer of cushioning, similar to tilled dirt. Unlike grime though – this foundation offers long-lasting security for anybody who may fall and it permits water to flow freely during so the turf does not have water damage. I provide artificial turf a security evaluation of 4 and a durability rating of 5.

(5) Rubber Tiles are a well-established high-quality surfacing material. There is just 1 producer of rubber tiles I recommend: SofSurfaces includes a patented locking system involving tiles which made one enormous surface for park security. This substance is also quite durable – SafSurfaces gives a strong 7 year warranty on not just the colour but the thickness also. That is THREE TIMES more than the initial three safety surfacing options. I provide rubber tiles a security evaluation of 5 plus a durability rating of 5. If you budget permits – this really is the perfect option.