Facebook and Video Conferencing

Skype and Facebook have just rolled out a brand new “Video Chat” feature that allows individuals to see and socialize with their buddies at real time whenever they’re in Facebook. This feature is excellent for business as it enables buyers to have to know, like and trust vendors considerably quicker and simpler than ever before. I can think of many cases in which my organization and my customer’s business might have been greatly improved with this capability to rapidly and easily associate “eyeball to eyeball.”

Relationship Building – By using Facebook’s video discussion to interact easily and seamlessly with potential customers “eyeball to eyeball,” a company can dramatically increase the rate with which a possible customer can cross the present, entirely invisible “KLT (Know-Like-Trust) Bridge.”

When folks can “look you in the eye” – more than a monitor, they’re more inclined to develop a connection with you that’s more powerful than a telephone call, email, or Facebook post. This is true if the first relationship was designed IRL – In Real Life – or nearly. It’s particularly true for the huge numbers of men and women that are doing nearly all their company on the net.

Simplicity – Until today, it’s been somewhat awkward – some might say hard – to program a movie conversation with different men and women. The manner that Facebook has incorporated this feature to the routine Online Chat and Messaging attributes people are comfortable with, makes this amazingly straightforward.

As an instance, I work with people around the world. Though I’ve used Skype for several decades, I am often met with resistance when I suggest a person install it in their computer so we could “meet face-to-face.” After attempting to walk a couple of people during it, I understood it was just simpler to connect on the telephone.

That barrier – downloading a program that appears frightening, intimidating and hard – only disappeared now as a result of the new partnership between Skype and Facebook. Even though the Facebook program does need the downloading of applications, it sounds less intimidating and more user friendly compared to other options. Additionally, because a lot of folks will use it, it is going to be nearly impossible to dismiss.

Just consider how much easier it’ll be for a retailer from Kansas City to speak to a mill owner in Hong Kong about a product that he needs assembled.

I am able to see numerous brick and mortar companies benefiting from this too. Let us consider just a tiny store that sells a distinctive handbag. A possible client from tens of thousands of miles away could be more inclined to initiate a conversation to go over cost, fashions, and transport versus obtaining on a web site and trying to figure out it. For some odd reason, people prefer to do business with individuals. Imagine that!

Let us take this a step farther. Imagine if an up and coming designer might have a simple video conversation with a possible client? How cool is it for somebody to have the ability to say – “Yes, it’s a great bag. If a client talks right to a purchaser like this, cost no more matters. Get more info¬†downvideo.net

The capacity for those that do the majority of their sales online will greatly benefit from this too. By taking a few minutes to immediately connect with prospective clients via Facebook video discussion powered by Skype, consultants, coaches, and sales folks throughout the globe needs to be in a position to “seal the deal” quicker and simpler than ever.

The single downside I see is that I will need to begin sporting make-up on a regular basis again. And repairing my hair. Argh. Working at home only lost a few it’s many advantages. But, I believe the capability to associate directly with individuals will pay massive benefits – professionally and personally.