Fall Sunglass Styles

For that hot months of spring and summer, slim and wire-rimmed sunglasses tend to be most popular. But fall is the time for knit tops, jackets, windy days, and larger, more colorful sunglass variations. Here are a few sunglass styles that are in vogue this season.

Oversized Encanto
Starlets like Paris Hilton, Rachel Zoe and Gwen Stefani have helped make oversized glamor sunglasses popular. But oversized sunglasses are as hip as they are functional, for they cover your face for protection against gusty gusts of wind. Match the lenses to your hair color or your outfit for that perfect fall look.

Classic Aviators are always in fashion, true, but they look especially good in the fall. And also newer Aviator designs have been getting more and more popular. In the past few years aviator styles have gotten larger and brighter, and also metal frames no longer have a monopoly on Aviator models: plastic frames are now very much in vogue. One of the best things about Aviator glasses is that they are versatile and have a style that is in spite of the wearer’s gender or age.

Colored Frames
It’s not a perfect lenses that are allowed to stand out nowadays. The color and model of the frames can be a huge fashion asset. This slide, choose muted beiges and yellows. Berry and sweetie shades are also in style and they look great with that tan you have been working on all summer. Another popular trend with frames that’s coming back is the faux tortoiseshell styles.

The particular Lennon Sunglasses
The small, round lens sunglasses made a popular choice by legendary singer songwriter John Lennon are more well-liked than ever this year. New takes on the Lennon glasses contain thicker, plastic frames of different colors.

Jewel Studded Tones
Elaborate sunglass design elements can turn a simple frame in to a piece of jewelry. A class fashion designers like Gucci and Dior are putting out more and more lavish sunglass styles, and many other manufacturers are following suit. This fall, check out some of the a lot more flashy shades out there. Jewel studded frames lacquered around black or gold are guaranteed to make you stand out as early as you walk into the room. Luxury and opulence, when it comes to sunglasses, is unquestionably in.