Fashion Tips – An Observation From Every Day Celebrities

If you want something stunning to wear that is unusual and distinctive, look to the stars. The actors that grace the red carpet at important events are constantly wearing interesting and bold outfits but that is because they need to. They are constantly the object of the public gaze and it is their job to try and look good and satisfy public expectations. More often than not this could be a fantastic source of inspiration for fashion styles, but occasionally you get a fashion no-no such as Bjork’s disastrous swan dress which you need to keep an eye open for!

Kiera Knightly is the epitome of ‘beautiful’; from her mystical eyes to her flawless features, fashion hounds have been seeing her whenever she makes an entrance on the red carpet. Her most recent getup leaves nothing to be desired as she addresses every part of formal beauty. Her graceful elegance is accentuated by the eye-catching silk goddess dress and her fashionyes is echoed in the mix wool and cashmere plaid gown, both of which have been worn around the red rug. Her fashion accessories are carefully chosen also, with Jimmy Choo black pumps and satin open-toed sandals for each outfit respectively. Kiera’s design is elegant and sophisticated, and offers a very clear role model for fashion aficionados.

Her style is somewhat less glamorous and certainly less feminine than the movie mega star Miss Knightly, however she covers another market fashion market yet. Her Marilyn Manson meets female star look is hardly hot, but she does possess remarkable taste in fashion accessories! Her glam rock straps and purses are creating a big effect on the fashion fad marketplace as they fit in nicely with all the glam rock style that is presently taking possession of the nation’s female fashion market.

Orlando Bloom (the guy that each woman wants and every guy wants to be) is just another fashion icon which we can look towards for up and coming fashion tendencies. His casual yet fashionable look is made of open neck shirts, suit jackets with smart denims, as well as casual cardigans. Orlando has also learned the value of accentuating his casual appearance with style accessories, like the favorite leather wrist bands as well as his pirate-like medallions at the end of leather thong necklaces. This popular movie mogul is the perfect role model for male fashion styles!

There are a variety of other fashion conscious guys around who are turning heads wherever they move, but perhaps the only name that has consistently been associated with superior style (sans the occasional hairstyle mishap!) Is the mythical David Beckham. It seems that being married to one of the Worst Dressed Women in the world has not phased his dedication to simple style and elegance! Vintage Beckham design is a crisp open neck top with a suit jacket (often at a subtle layout or pattern) paired with smart denims and patent leather shoes that has survived the test of time to provide men across the globe using a very simple guide on how best to always look good.