Five Secrets to Successful Floor Finish Stripping

1 ) Product Concentration

Mix P&G Pro Line Stripper on 1: 8 dilution for normal situations. For mild finish build-up removal, you can dilute a bit more (1: 10). If removing many layers, sealer, or hard-to-remove coatings (or finishes with unknown history), still dilute during 1: 8 but allow more dwell time and a lot more stripping pad time/work. Do not dilute stronger than a single: 8.

2 . Dwell Time / Evenly Wet

Propagate the stripper evenly over the floor and give it at the very least 10 minutes to work. Don’t work harder than you have to—let the product do the work. Just keep the floor evenly moist with stripper so it doesn’t “dry back” by dispersing or adding more stripper when needed.

3. Agitation

How to use an aggressive scrubbing pad (e. g. a black draining pad) and take several passes over the finish to totally remove and emulsify the old finish. If using an autoscrubber, turn vacuum off and do not pick up solution until conclude is thoroughly liquefied. NOTE: Be very careful working on any wet floor because it will be slippery as the finish liquefies.

4. Complete Pickup

Use a wet vac or automobile scrubber to remove all the liquefied finish. Then, rinse together with clear water to ensure 100% removal.

5. Finish Removing

Floor should look evenly dull with no shiny parts. If necessary, repeat on the shiny areas. Do not apply accomplish over unevenly stripped Floor stripping melbourne, as the poorly stripped spots will never look right.