Guidelines for swimming pool maintenance

Maintaining a swimming pool can be considered to be a tedious job than they sound to be. In spite of this the swimming pool should be maintained properly in order to avoid various hassles and expenses in future. The pool which is not maintained is capable of causing certain health issues. Hence people who have swimming pool at their home or in their office must come forward to maintain them at its best. The important guidelines which is to be followed for maintaining the swimming pool is discussed in this article.

swimming pool maintenance


The water in pool should be maintained with properly level of alkalinity. It is to be noted that this level has a great influence over the PH level of the water. Chlorine is to be used in the water in order to get rid of infections. Obviously using chlorine is the best way to sanitize the water in swimming pool. Along with this factor, the calcium level of water should also be taken into account. There are many testing strips which are widely available in the market. These strips can be used to test various factors related to water. Since these strips are easy to handle everyone can handle it easily without any constraint.


In many cases, people may get exposed to the problems of eye irritation while using the swimming pool. In order to get rid of this problem, one must come forward to shock their pool more frequently. Shocking the pool will help in keeping the water clear. And this will also help in removing the strong odor which usually comes while using high chlorine content in water. The other important reason to handle this procedure is they will help in removing the bacteria content in water.


Apart from all the other aspects, the swimming pool should be cleaned regularly. Using the contaminated water for a long time will cause infections. The water used in the swimming pool can also be recycled and can be handled for several other needs. Especially they can be used for watering the garden. There are also different types of filters in the market which can be used for keeping the pool free from dust particles. It is to be noted that these filters can be handled manually. However, the handling procedures may get varied depending upon the type of filter which is used for cleaning.