How Do I Know My Craigslist Post is Being Ghosted?

The main problem faced by the majority of the advertisement posters in craigslist auto poster is, their article is being ghosted. But why? I am here to discuss about some important things about how you’re able to save your article from being ghosted.

First what’s a ghosted ad? If any advertisement is indicated by Craigslist’s spam filter then it’s dropped from the listing page. However, the poster won’t be informed about the incident. Even when the poster assesses for his/her URL he’ll find the ad is live but unfortunately it is not on the site. And that matter is known as “ghosting”. OK then lets discuss some points about submitting shall we.

Unique post: First of all always try to be unique and try to alter how that you think with your advertisements every time and do not use duplicate ones to give away your own works.

IP Policy: According to Craigslist’s Terms and Policy the ads published by this particular IP will only be allowed to post once in 1 section one town! If they discover this IP again in certain amount of the time, this ad will be ghosted! So have patience if you’re using the exact same one.

Email variable: Same email can be utilized but let after 48 hours! When it is used again within the specified time the post will be ghosted definitely!

About Title and Contents: Craigslist has applications to automatically cross match the contents to look at all ads are unique or not! If it finds something wrong with this, possibly it will generate a mistake or will be ghosted!

But how do I know my advertisement is a ghosted one or won’t be published?

I will let you know about the secret! I’ve seen some guys talking about this in to several sites. However, for you I am telling it once more. After successfully printed you need not to wait around for 15 minutes to look at your post will probably be displayed or not. You may now see an HTML broadcasts of your ad! If you can discover a paragraph called “…”, it means that your ads will appear on main section no matter what but if this sentence isn’t there, then don’t bother waiting cause its in the garbage can! Just how about start posting again and see your advertisements on To feel the energy of Craigslist ad posting.