How Do You Choose The Right Company To Hire A Photo Booth From?

For anybody who is anything like me you are always paranoid that, when into something you know very little about, you haven’t fairly got the best deal. I would love to be a mechanic, festivity rep, property developer, insurance broker, and many other things to ensure I’m just always buying from myself, but sadly, that isn’t attainable.

Having recently researched both hiring a booth, and making a photo booth hire company, I can give you some handy points to consider when hiring one for yourself, in an effort to arm people with all the information you need to ensure you get the right service, at the perfect price.

What to pay

Prices can vary quite significantly (£450 – £700 for a 3 hour hire), but in many cases, those at the top end of the scale offer a very similar program to those towards the bottom. You might just be paying extra for your company who has attended several hundred events and therefore has even more experience. But , experience in this industry doesn’t really offer anything extra. So , as long as whom ever you retain the services of from appears professional and organised, flexible, quick as an answer to your enquiry and has the right equipment, then you have not worry about. Similarly however , I would avoid paying anything lower than £350. Buying too cheap can be worse than obtaining too expensive.

On the flip side, there are some companies who charge more simply because they have a greater selection of booth design styles to choose from. However, paying the extra for a design you really want is worth the money, since paying a booth company to customise their photograph booth to suit your style can turn out to be even more highly-priced. With regards to customising, again, beware of additional charges you may collect for this being organised for you. Whilst it is right to often be charged a little on top of what companies pay for their moment, it should really only be no more than 10%, given they are susceptible to already have the suppliers in place.


Be aware if you are getting from anyone based a significant distance from your local area, while companies may charge a premium for travel. I have witnessed companies in the Midlands and beyond charge a set rate of £150 to travel to London, and basically just because it is Liverpool. Others will quote bed and breakfast (which they may not use) at £100 +. Try to use someone local, or at least one of those who just charges you for the petrol they use, and maybe a little more number one for their travel time.


Software: 90% of image booth companies use the same software, so the options that come with the following are fairly standard (choice of print styles plus format, instant Facebook upload, choice of colour or black or white photos). Just decide what you need and check they can put up it.

Cameras – for genuine picture quality, avoid your webcam. You will be told webcam enables video messaging together with photos, which is true, but you lose picture quality. In addition , it messaging doesn’t tend to be that popular, since guests really need to take something with them from the booth, which they can do by using a photo. Furthermore, many DSLR cameras have a HD video messaging function anyway, allowing for at least 15 seconds recording time period as standard, which can be upgraded to allow for up to 3 minutes.
Tools – as long as the booth you hire has a shade sublimation printer, which most booths do, this is very good.

On the night extras

You will also find quite significant prices should you wish to purchase any extras on the night; a VIDEO of all your images (cost to you £50), a visitor parking area book (cost to you £50), double sets of printing (cost to you £50). These are simply too high. A clean DVD costs next to nothing, guest books (photo albums) can purchased for a little as £15 for a pleasant one, and a set of extra prints will cost the below £10. Also avoid paying hefty fees for additional working hours on the night. If you have already paid a company £500 with the original hire, you shouldn’t then be paying £150 with an extra hour, which some will charge. Naturally, you will be costed for the extra time, but this should be reasonable.

On a own note and when buying anything, I avoid any company who’s paid to boost their ranking on a search engine, for two good reasons; 1, it means the additional costs they have incurred for these world-wide-web services are likely to be hidden somewhere in their quote, and couple of, paying to be on page one doesn’t reflect anything about the quality of their whole product or service. I prefer to purchase a rustic photo booth from someone who has earned their to help through time and effort.