How To Find A Lead Generation Company – Part 2

Be sure you read part one of Finding a Lead Generation Company

Depending on the connection with the lead generation company there are many ways they can generate potential customers for you. A good lead generation company will utilize as many tactics as possible. Methods of generating leads include: website with e-zine subscription, lead capture page, free report download that requires contact details, along with creating an environment for a small impulse purchase – only to name a few.

Testing and tracking should be done routinely to find which traffic is generating the most leads. In case the lead generation company has effectively implemented the lead generation options I spoke about in the above paragraph, they should likewise test and track the traffic as well as how many leads are generally generated. By testing and tracking the lead generation firm can tweak the website so that it is effectively capturing a growing number of leads.

You will notice that a good lead generation company documents every step of the lead generation process. They should be able to tell you precisely what techniques they have put in place and what is working best. This is done in a weekly or bi-weekly report. A good cost per action marketing company should provide you with a report that includes methods they have experimented with, and a ratio of traffic that has converted into leads. To do so , your lead generation company can review what’s doing work and what is not and adjust your lead generation campaign correctly. I wouldn’t go with a lead generation company that doesn’t give you a report of their actions on at least a bi-weekly base.

In addition to a report, be sure that the lead generation company has a approach to capture your leads. You don’t want to put in all this efforts just to have you leads leave when they close the site. Ask to see what program their using to capture potential clients. You’ll want a reliable lead capture service that makes it is easy to contact your own personal leads in the future.