Keeping Your Cat Fit With a Cat Exercise Wheel

Morbid obesity is a problem with many cats these days. This is especially a problem to get cats who stay indoors all the time and don’t have a possible opportunity to exercise that often. If a cat has the opportunity to eat approximately it wants whenever it wants to this also can add into the problem. The best way to deal with obesity is to prevent it start with. One way to do this is to get your cat to exercise more often by making use of cat toys. One cat toy that is particularly ideal for this is the cat exercise wheel.

This Wheel is just what this may sound like. It looks like an extra large version of the exercise small wheels used by hamsters and other small animals. They are usually made of sheet metal and measure between 36 and 48 inches with diameter. The one side of the wheel is open to ensure the cat can get into the Cat Exercise Wheel and the different side is either solid or spokes depending on the manufacturer. Often the wheels with spokes also have a clear plastic piece you can put on that side if you are worried the cat would find hurt by the spokes.

The Wheel was created originally can be used by Bengal cats, but any cat can use this exercise wheel. Most cats seem to like running for the wheel, but some are a bit unsure of it at first and can need to be coached on how to use it. There are a variety of videos over the internet of cats using a Cat Exercise Wheel if you are serious about seeing how these work and whether or not the cats often enjoy them.

If your cat is already obese, it could even now benefit from the use of a Cat Exercise Wheel. Usually it is recommended that an owner try to help an obese cat slowly get rid of about 20 percent of it’s weight through diet and exercise improvements. A Cat Exercise Wheel is a great way to get your cat to help exercise without having to constantly have to coax them with a cat model. Just be careful not to try to force the cat to give up too much weight too quickly, as this can put the cat in jeopardy for liver disease and other health problems. Slow weight loss is also essentially the most likely to last, as is the case with people.