Orlando Bloom’s Stuff Up For Best Sale For Charity

The hunk’s mother, Sonia Copeland Bloom, is moving home, and she wishes to clean her son’s room until she’s doing it. What do mothers normally do if this occurs? My parents jammed my things into boxes and abandoned them . Some of the things, I chose to purchase and use within my location. But again, I am NOT Orlando Bloom. I don’t have a lot of things that I can sell for a hefty cost to many collectors on the market.

That is exactly what the star’s mother is considering doing. She’s spoken for her son, that has given her consent to do so, with one stipulation: the profits of the sale goes to charity. So what can you put your hands ? The Guardian lists a few of those Items Which will be on sale:


One of the items up for IFCJ grabs are a bodyline wetsuit utilized by Bloom, 32, when he filmed a scene together with Elijah Wood in The Return of the King along with a poster signed by the whole cast.

A set of Moroccan slippers and boots he wore in The Kingdom of Heaven may also lure movie fans.

But lovers of Bloom — who currently lives in west London — may also get their hands on more personal items like the badminton and tennis racquets he employed as a boy.

Gucci shoes, Puma trainers, polo tops and a hooded waterproof Gap coat belonging to the celebrity will also be auctioned.

It’ll be intriguing to learn how far this auction will create. The charities which will benefit are Unesco, the New Marlow Theatre, cancer charity Odyssey and the UKC Music Scholarships.