Overcoming Staff Reluctance to Change Construction Software

Development management software is only as good as the people that use it. You will get the latest, most powerful technology available on the market, but if your employees cannot use the it properly, you will not get the full benefit of the software. This may be a challenge when you switch to a new platform as veteran staff members may be reluctant to adopt the new system, feeling that the previous software was adequate. To help prevent these problems and maximize your investment, there are some things you can do to encourage your team (new and old) to “play nice” with the completely new software.

First, make sure you have numerous discussions with the end users about the additional benefits that the new software will bring into the company. Focus on ways that it will make their job less complicated, faster, more efficient, and so on. The more benefits that they see for themselves, the more likely they will be to learn the new software. Although the new process may help improve the bottom line, if users see no particular benefit from these changes, they may be slow to cooperate. Skilled studies have been done that support this claim. Many people concluded that new software is more successful when staff objections usually are addressed prior to installation.

Second, make sure that ample, and possibly increased, training is completed. The better trained the employees are to make use of the drawing management software, the quicker they will begin using it adequately and the less frustrated they will become with having to study it on their own. Beyond group training, offer one-on-one schooling where every employee with have an opportunity to learn as well as answer any questions they have. Further, ensure that ongoing support and training are available, such as phone support from the dealer or online resources.

It is also important to get feedback from the program users. Once they begin using the new system, ask them about their taste. You may identify ways to use the software better. At the very least, your personal employees will feel some power in the new software go and will know that their opinions are valued and loved.

In line with soliciting their feedback, also make sure that you recognize all their achievements. This positive reinforcement will strengthen their assurance in the new system as well as the decision to switch software start with.

Finally, it is imperative that you stay positive throughout the total process. Chances are that you will run in to some road holes and bumps when implementing the new construction accounting software. These snags are unavoidable but your staff will look to see how you answer. Respond positively and encourage them to find solutions and think them. Once they do, provide some positive feedback often the reinforce your confidence in the new system as well as your staff’s ability to use it properly.

Switching to a new software system is usually stressful and complicated. It is normal for some employees to help resist the change but as a manager you must improve with this resistance with patience, confidence, and positive assistance. After some time getting used to the new software, most employees may come around to see why the it was chosen and will continue to work towards the benefits that you hope to gain from your new development management software.