Paperless Office Systems – Changing Organization Styles and Keyword Search Responses

Everyone should know how difficult it is to find the file once it’s came into the black abyss we often refer to as a file display case. Even the most astute filing clerk occasionally loses (or at least can’t find) a file. Online, the problem may be amplified by a lack of keyword comprehension. Solving the problem for paperless office systems may simply mean using keyword seek optimization in a more effective manner.

Just sharing the details of adjusting organizational styles and adding keyword search optimization to get operating a paperless office, no matter what you office does indeed. Whether you manage a law firm, create websites, or just produce articles, this process works.

Keyword List

Creating a list of search phrase specifics would be helpful in most offices. This list really should be printed (even in a paperless office) so each person can certainly locate files online. All files, online or traditional should be cross-referenced by two or three methods to make locating the data easier. (Seriously, nobody will remember the case number! )

— Name of client – using either family name or first and last name, you should be able to pull up ALL OF files relevant to a given client. You might not remember the first identify of the client, but know their last name was Rogers, so when you search files for Rogers: Roy, Dale, Mickey, Lonna, and Toby come up and you can select Toby, knowing that his entire project will be listed under Toby Rogers.

— Topic of case – using the key topic of the file/case, you should be able to pull up ALL data, of all clients in that particular type of case. You may not have the capacity to remember that the Genealogist was Toby Rogers who specializing in building a legacy, but you remember that he was a Genealogist. So that you search for Genealogy and twelve clients come up, only one is definitely building legacies. That would be Toby Rogers.

— Date of case – more often than not, you’ll be lost as to the month of an case, but you’ll remember it happened the same year you bought the Lexis, so you can search for cases dated 2007, in addition to narrow it from there. All cases in 2007 can be as many as 250 cases, but that’s easier to search versus the 14, 500 cases you’ve run through your computer since 1996.

These kind of ideas may be more effective for law offices than a web development company, but I use them regularly for managing my very own client accounts both online and in my files. The best part associated with using these tips for managing your files on the computer is the real-time saves searching for files. Whether my secretary arrives by the due date or not, I can generally find files in my home office. (My secretary isn’t often there. She shows up about every to file what paper documents I do save. Great women, by the way! )

Just for the record… For a mostly paperless office, I feel overly controlled by the three file cabinets this surround my technically savvy computer desk.