Personal Attorneys – The Convenience of Keeping an Attorney on Retainer

Before long, you decided to settle down, buy a house in San Diego, and start a family. The Southern California property attorney who handled your first home purchase was probably your first experience with an lawyer. However, this might have also been the perfect opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with a personal lawyer. It’s obviously beneficial to have on retainer.

Life presents numerous conditions where respectable, law-abiding, hard working adults need to search for the advice and assistance of legal counsel. Real estate transactions, wills and estate planning, property boundary disputes, injuries, each these situations can cause an individual to seek representation by an attorney. Every one of those situations also gives an chance to find a good lawyer with whom to create an ongoing retainer relationship.

Let’s look back at that home purchase chance as an example. Once you bought and closed on your house, you decided to redesign the kitchen. You hired a contractor, but now that the job is completed, you discover things were not done properly. In attempting to get the contractor to correct the issues, you’re met with resistance. If you retained the assistance of the law firm that handled your closing, you probably already have access to some contract lawyer would can assume the struggle with the contractor for you. They can determine the legalities of the contract, and if needed, take the issue to court on your behalf.

Whether an unfortunate financial crisis strikes and you end up facing bankruptcy, that same company can help. If they don’t especially employ consumer bankruptcy lawyers, they can certainly recommend area bankruptcy lawyers who will best meet your particular needs and concerns. Bankruptcy attorneys aren’t particularly tough to find, but being able to locate one that best fits your requirements may not be as simple. By having a law firm with whom you have an established connection, you gain access to not just their services, but in addition you gain access to their own considerable knowledge of the legal community in your area for desired referrals.