Pineal Gland and Third Eye

Would you realize that your body actually has three physical face?

Our mysterious third eye was pondered by mystics through the ages, and has long been believed to be the source of a better inner vision.

You may be surprised to learn that such a lastly eye actually does exist. It is a tiny gland as part of your brain – the pineal gland. The pineal péripétie is located in the exact geometric center of your brain. Interestingly, the following correlates to the exact location of the ancient Great Pyramid of which sits in the center of our physical planet.

Your pineal collet is about the size of a pea, and sits in a bit cave behind and above the pituitary gland. It is based directly behind your eyes, and is attached to your brain’s third ventricle.

And yes, real.

The true function about this mysterious gland has long been contemplated by philosophers and angelic adepts. The ancient Greeks believed the pineal hic was the third eye – our connection to the Area of Thought. The great philosopher Descartes called it the exact Seat of the Soul.

The pineal has many characteristics of this exterior eyes, including a lens. It contains a complete map of your visual field of the eyes. It is activated by light-weight, and controls your body’s various natural biorhythms. The pineal works in direct harmony with your hypothalamus gland aid the director of thirst, hunger, sexual desire, and the inbreed clock controlling your aging process.

The pineal secretes melatonin when you’re relaxed and visualizing, and also responds to electromagnetic electrical power. At certain brainwave frequencies such as deep Theta, feeling of our ego boundary often vanishes. Our consciousness will now be less concerned with our physical state. According to many traditional traditions, this is when our 3rd eye opener begins to exhibit exceptional powers.

Ancient Beliefs about the Pineal Gland
Many originaire traditions, ancient mystical practices and mystery schools in relation to the ability of being aware of energy fields at higher concentrations. This level of awareness is different from our normal volume of consciousness, which tends to be mostly concerned with our self-identity.

But the actual physical presence of the pineal gland was not confirmed right until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have prolonged felt this area of the brain to be the connecting link to switch realities and higher levels of consciousness.

According to ancient culture, when the pineal gland awakens, one feels an unusual demand at the base of their brain. When activated, the pineal gland is said to become a direct line into higher suggests of consciousness.

Interestingly, the bony plates of the skull directly in front of the third eye do tend to become thinner and more fit in long-time meditators and serious seekers.

Developing Your individual Third Eye
The first step to developing the sensitivity of your third eye is physical relaxation. The ancient hidden knowledge schools then have their students develop their pineal lien by first withdrawing their attention from their physical senses. They are simply then directed to mentally focus on a point in the middle of their temple. This does not actually use the muscles of your eyes, but is quite an internal focus.

In terms of brainwave training, this would start with developing good Alpha relaxation. This would be followed by sinking down into sensitive Theta to withdraw your focus on any external stimuli.

The trick is to then visualize, very intently, the essence of the energy-based body escaping out through the trap door for the base of your brain. A popping sound may actually exist in the area of your pineal body at the time you achieve this.