Pop-Up Stands

So, OK today you know what a pop-up stand is, how in the world do you choose the right pop-up stand to match your requirements?

Well the very first thing you need to understand is how the sizes work on a Pop-Up stand alone. Unlike everything else in life, which is measured using either imperial or metric measurements, pop-up racks have their very own distinctive dimension apparatus!

Pop-Up stands are grouped and sized by the amount of segments or ‘boxes’, which make up the shell of this Pop-Up stand.

Most commonly pop-up stands are 3 ‘boxes’ tall (which is the initial measurement) and generally come as standard at widths of 1, 3, 2, 4 & 5 ‘boxes’ broad. It is also worth noting that Pop-Up stands can come as high as 5 ‘boxes’ tall and may be connected creating an almost endless length (in addition to shapes!) .

The most popular choice is that the curved unit(roughly 85% of earnings) but that does not mean the straight version is not right for you. The simplest way to decide would be to think about where your stand will be put, if it is in a corner then the curved is greatest, if it is along a wall and you’ve limited space then the right is likely better suitedto

Lastly, you need to determine whether you want a cloth or printed picture option. The difference between the two is not in the stand but the actual panels that are fitted to the surface of it. Many folks choose the printed graphic option due to the more professional look, which can be accomplished by a sizable personalised graphic. The fabric option is better suited to applications where the user needs the ability to regularly change their own graphics (usually by using Velcro) for example in a foyer, school or library.

Be very cautious when comparing what resembles a like for like product, very often they are not exactly the exact same height or width! Many providers will pass a mini or midi rack as the full size product. If in doubt always request the size of this rack in millimetres.

Just a few short years ago Pop-Up stands were very notorious for being a nightmare to build, but now as long as you know what you are looking for you can find some incredibly good stands which will ‘go up’ with no glitch in under 2 minutes!

There are a massive assortment of Pop-Up stands available on the market all of which change in quality of fabrication. Yes that is appropriate probably the best bit of advice I can give you regarding Pop-Up Stands is they’re not all exactly the same! Many suppliers will wash over this reality since they are attempting to sell you their lowest priced possible stand so as to be aggressive or create a better margin.

Think before buying, ask loads of questions and be certain you’re obtaining a like for like quote for a proper comparison.

There’s one huge problem with all kinds of Pop up stands though. You see, in The Show Store we produce tens of thousands of mobile display stands each year along with the sad thing is that most people spend more time worrying about their stand, rather than spending their time and energy on how best to get the most from their display, exhibition or event rather.

No matter how many stands we create, we know that the stand should be an aid to your show – what’s important is that your display is an amazing success.