Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) Benchmarked As Samsung Galaxy GT-I9300

A new set of results has only been released after testing of a new Samsung Galaxy version late last month, noted as the Galaxy GT-I9300 which most consider is the model number of the newest samsung galaxy c10 (S III).

The results of these recent tests through GLBenchmark’s package show a different screen resolution to that of those reported complete HD 1080p expected about the new Galaxy S3, rather they show a 1196 x 720 pixel display that’s precisely the same as the current samsung galaxy c10 model.

Believed to have been completed by one of Samsung’s own employees, the evaluations also reveal that the chip was listed as’maxing-out’ at 1.4GHz rather than the anticipated 1.5GHz rumoured to be powering the Galaxy S3, even however, there wasn’t any information into the number of cores although many now believe that it will no doubt be a quad-core processor.

This is largely down to the simple fact that lots of rival manufacturers are already sending new smart phone versions with quad technology, these comprise the newest HTC One X and LG Optimus 4X HD models, what has been revealed is the Samsung GT-I9300 tested was running onto a Samsung Exynos 4 processing chip that could be the dual-core Exynos 4212 or probably the quad Exynos 4414.

Another interesting fact to come from those evaluations is that new Galaxy phone includes a Mali 400 MP GPU that also featured in the samsung galaxy c10, however this still generated a score of 6584 frames (58.3fps) equal to the Galaxy S2 despite having to drive more pixels within this new version.

Also confirmed in such evaluations is that the new version will be running the Android 4.0.3 operating system called’Ice Cream Sandwich’ that was first launched from the samsung galaxy c10 and is to be available on many new high-end devices such as the Huawei Ascend D quad, HTC One S, V and X versions, Panasonic ELUGA Power and LG Optimus Vu.

We need to remember that all of this info is based on a model called the GT-I9300, though many feel this is the version number of the new Galaxy S3 the specifications above do appear to be a let down to the anticipated and rumoured pre-launch suggestions.

It may easily turn out to be an entirely different model such as the rumoured samsung galaxy c10 Plus which would make sense since the manufacturer has just published the samsung galaxy c10 and S Advance models, the only other reported version number that is known of is the GT-I9500 but it’s been reported that it is in fact a device running a brand new operating system in Samsung and Intel and not a the Android platform in any way.