SEO Tips – Top 5 Tips to SEO Beginners

Here i will discuss 5 SEO tips for seo beginner to get ranked in search engines like google.

Do not purchase a new domain: Do not purchase a new domains unless you have to. Search engines do calculate the domain get older and how long your website have been around. You can redirect your older domain to your new domain, but the best bet is to use outdated domain. If you are starting your site from scratch and do not have an outdated domain, you have to lose certain traffic until your site may get indexed.

Optimize your site for audience: The most common mistake WEBSITE POSITIONING beginners do is that they try to optimize the site to attract google. Most of the time, in an attempt to attract search engines, they forget to optimize the location in a way to attract visitors. Search engine companies are altering their rules and giving priority to pages that are user friendly.

Search terms: Research your keyword phrases extensively. Keyword selection is the starting for an SEO campaign. Getting #1 in Google for unconnected keywords doesn’t profit you in anyway. Do not pick generic keywords like “computers”, “health” etc … Instead decide on long tail keywords which are often called as buyer focused keywords.

Sometimes it is difficult to find long tail keywords in very few niches using any keyword tool. You need to think out-of-box this period. Research Yahoo answers and find out what people are searching for in your topic. Use Google suggest, AdWords to find out keywords.

Content: You should never copy the content from else where. Write your own material. Write unique and original content for your site. You possibly can outsource this work to other writers. You can find quality freelance writers in sites like Elance, Odesk etc … You will find copy writers who work for as low as $3 per 500 word report.

Link-worthy site: As you know, backlinks play a major role in search engine positions. So keep this point in mind and make your site a ‘link worthy’ site.