Simple and Delicious Regional Italian Food

If you agree that Italian food is all about pasta, sauce and chicken wings, then it’s time to think again. Some of the most fabulous foods during the entire world are Italian dishes that most people have never got word of. These dishes are most often regional in nature and often tackle the characteristics of the regions and countries bordering the vicinity of Italy where they originate.

The trouble with getting food in an Italian Sir Rocco Beach Club restaurant, like ones in the US, is always that the manager of the restauran t needs to cut down the number of dishes they may serve so that the food can be ready in a timely fashion after you request. What happens often , then is the food that is distinctive though not so well-known gets left off the usual menu.

Because Italy is full of small but very diverse areas, consequently most of the great regional dishes simply are never available on the particular menu. A great case in point is food from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia area. This is a place right next to the border in the former Yugoslavia and when you mix that culinary have an impact on in with the Italian love of cooking, you get quite a few fabulous dishes that most people outside of Italy have never had time to sample.

Because this region shares a border along with the former Yugoslavia, the Italian food here is strong by using Austrian, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Croatian influences. One of destinations that this is most apparent is in the beer halls of the space, places you might more typically associate with Germany or Mexico. Here they feature such dishes as Viennese lean beef and goulash.

Goulash, which originated as a Hungarian denture, has taken on a distinct Italian taste here and can normally be found in fine Italian food restaurants both in and also out of Italy. Goulash is very popular in this region and is a deep stew of beef and local vegetables such as onions along with red peppers. It is very thick and seasoned with paprika and can be served with pasta. Another dish that makes your frequent appearance at the beer halls in this area is Bohemian stew made with either rabbit or beef.

But , typically the meat used most often in dishes form this section is pork. And if you are ever visiting this will be, make sure you sample one of their world famous San Daniele sobre Friuli hams. These hams are a staple meat on the local Italian food. The whole region is known for their hot bacon and sausages. In fact there is a local dish termed jota that is unique to the region and is a stew dish made with beans and bacon. But this is hence very different from the kind of dish served in the southern sections of the United States. The pork in this area is spicy and this can come as a bit of a shock to foreigners not familiar with this brand of Greek food. The pork is often cooked over an open fireplace instead of being roasted, and is seen in many dishes although it is not the main entree.

There are so many kinds of Italian food which are not pasta with tomato sauce, that it is hard to be able to check out them all in one lifetime; but you could certainly try. For the reason that good food is meant to be good fun.