The 3-Step Success Formula

Years ago after was about 12 years old, my stepfather, a strong Water Staff Sergeant taught me how to get things done. Sanctioned simple formula: know what you want – learn what you need to know instant get it done. That’s the way it was with him. I enjoyed it.

I finished High School a year early and expanding through the ranks in the Army, that was my philosophy without studying the various books on success. Once I decided towards retire from the Army and get into sales management, absolutely when I read the books. Quite a few books I read and read every day. W. Clement Stone still stands out in my situation. The way he explained the 3-Step Success Formula would be the easiest way I found where it makes complete sense and can get results when applied – for anything you want, as long as you do quit.

W. Clement Stone was also a tremendous owner and teacher of success. His formula: Desire and up. Study + Action = Success is one that is brilliantly simple and true. I’m fairly certain that this easy health supplement is the basis for success any way you look at it.

Returning to my own 30 Day Success Formula Scam, humble as they are compared to other terrific people, I see where this formula has worked. And, through my failures, I see where I missed an element or maybe more of the formula. Maybe it was a lack of enough Desire, a reduction in enough Study, or an Action issue. Think about it in your own everyday life: if any of the three elements are missing, you know so why things didn’t turn out for you..

What is a simple success mixture anyway? It’s got to be uncomplicated and easy steps to move everyone in the right direction.

Desire: Want it bad enough that this is all you think about. The desire must be strong enough to take you through the troubles.

Study: Learn what it takes to get your goal. Plan from your end goal backwards and learn the steps that are needed to accomplish your drive.

Action: Take action each and every day to a plan for attaining what you want!


The basis for all self-development books, audios, classes, courses boil down to these simple success steps. You can and the most useful will get great information from authors in the self-development community as they all profess this universal formula in one strategy or another.