The Best Places to Visit in Austria

The official tourism time stretches from the month of June to September. During the months of July and August even though the weather is pleasant, a heavy throng of tourist might just get on your nerves. With crowded locations, restaurants and museums that you may feel a little unpleasant. However, the contrary winters are devilishly cold in this region, but should you carry the right kind of clothing with you then you would enjoy plenty lots of winter attractions. For example, the greatly discounted vacation packages in Salzburg Hotels, lower audience and enough space around you… way to proceed.

Some of the places of interest are as follows:

Schloss Hellbrunn, F├╝rstenweg

Dotted with lovely springs and gardens, this imposing building was once the summer palace of an Archbishop. This is an excellent picnic spot for family. Luxurious park with swings, sidewalks, pristine pools and seats makes this place very appealing. A day in here with children are going to be a fantastic strategy.


The house of Mozart- Mozart Wohnhaus is a popular tourist destination. On a guided tour you may enjoy the joy of musicals composed by Mozart himself. A slideshow is displayed in the museum that focuses on the ancient life of the fantastic musician.

Haus Der Natur

The Museum of Natural History shows the most exotic of flora, fauna and natural minerals. Additionally, it has exhibit on topics ranging from astronomy to physics. One of the major highlight of this museum is its collection of tropical fishes and reptile house.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

The fortress of Hohensalzburg is located on the hill top and provides awe- inspiring views of the Alps and Salzburg city. The fortress displays arms and weaponry of those medieval times. The area, down the fort, is the notorious for being an executioner’s mobile. An intriguing place of interest, the Hohensalzburg Fortress is a must visit.