The Main Reasons Why People Travel

There are two degrees of answers to the question of why people travel. The first is the obvious one, and most likely the reason we give quote and ourselves to others. We journey so that we can see sights, experience other cultures, attend events and find out more about the world.

These are exciting factors. However there are deeper motives for traveling that have less to do with what we all do when we travel, and much more to do with what travel will to us. These five sets of changes to ourselves are in the center of what makes traveling so compelling.

Travel Enriches You, Before, During & After

The anticipation of a trip is almost as stimulating as the trip itself and the memories later. Knowing what you have beforehand, and imagining it in detail, brings excitement to life, and relieves the tendency to fall to a workaday rut. The more comprehensive the picture of this excursion, the more a upcoming trip will excite you beforehand.

Throughout the excursion itself, daily life could be intense. Living in these minutes fully, and picturing everything about you, makes for heightened living. Certainly, this kind of intensified adventure is a standard of a type of travel that requires you past the bus and out into the streets and squares, landscapes and waterways, of those places you’re visiting. Independent travel is a world apart from “contained” travel.

Throughout journey you obtain a framework for the background and important touchstones that brought you to your current life and purpose in time. Now you’re standing at the evil Borgia pope’s office, surrounded by the most walls that contained the guy with sufficient power to compose a Papal Bull-a mandate-that maintained all the wealth of the Western Hemisphere for Spain and Portugal, and procured it to the next 200 decades. As you dip in the place where that occurred, the events and significance come alive with new meaning.

Now you are looking down in the staircase that lead to a tunnel connecting the house of Leonardo da Vinci using all the royal palace across street. It had been through this tube that King Fran├žoise traveled to sit and talk with his genius friend. And today you are at Bayeux, in which the French William the Conqueror built his naval boats to cross the English Channel and claim the throne of England.

Every one of these experiences broadens your perspective of the world and your firsthand sense of place and time.

Travel Makes You More Vibrant and Interesting

Traveling gives you something to look forward to… to prepare for… to study for… and after to share. You may bring home stories. Life can get somewhat dull if you allow it, particularly after you retire and your work life ends. Anticipation is worth at least as much as the trip itself along with the memories which follow the excursion.

How much better to get travel stories and observations to share then to get your dialog limited to your most recent physician visits and your frustrations with all the weeds in your lawn.