Trade Show Displays: Versatile Banner Stands For Your Exhibition Graphics

Pull-up banners attract attention towards displays and reinforce advertising and marketing messages. These are portable, lightweight and use minimum living space. They are used in shopping malls, retail stores, business meetings, special events, stage powerpoint presentations and conference room displays.

Hanging banner signs in addition to exhibition banner stands are available in many formats and shapes that help in enhancing visibility, building brand awareness, mentioning contact information and communicating key selling points. These are crafted from vinyl or fabric and include photography, logos and style printed on these materials.

Fabric banners are sturdy and long-lasting as they do not tear or wrinkle while in transportation or set-up. In contrast to vinyl, these are made of materials and are easy to read in different kinds of lighting because they do not have sparkly surfaces and thus they don’t reflect light. However , two negatives of fabric banners are that their colours can disappear with the passage of time and they are difficult to clean. Vinyl banners, on the other hand are easily wiped clean. Images and graphics printed on softtop banners are usually more vivid because of a sharper definition and appearance more noticeable and striking; however , they are liable to turn into creased or wrinkled after continued use. With ideal handling and care, both vinyl and fabric forms can last for many years.

Apart from the options in material, pull up banners are available in many configurations and types, some of which are:

Chin up banner stands

These are also called Roll up banner printing when they work like window shades. They can be stored in the stand basic. They are available in varied widths and heights and can include one-sided or two-sided designs. During the set-up process, it can be rolled up and attached to the support rail that creates the assembling process very quick and easy.

L Banner holders

These banner stands have an L shaped frame this holds and supports the banner. The short tips provide floor support, while it is attached to the extended side by being clipped to the top and bottom.

A Banner stands

The frame of this type is fashioned like the letter X, with the banner being clipped closely on all four sides.

Telescopic or pole tension is short for

This type has a telescopic pole with an adjustable height. It is usually switched out for various purposes and increases the mobility of the stand.

Motorized scrolling banner stands

These stalls are available in ceiling and floor models and have a motorised mechanism to continuously scroll loop-type graphics. Display heightened levels are adjustable based on the style and size of the exhibit graphics.

Outdoor stands

These stands are generally used on outdoor events to attract people in areas with high targeted visitors. Outdoor banner stands are made of weather resistant and bulkier material, and have a hollow base which can be filled with waters or sand to improve stability in the face of wind and other robust weather conditions.