What Potential Bidders Need to Know About Vintage Postcards Selling on Sunsetsofyore

A pair of words, ‘postcard’ and ‘place name’ are actually sufficient to come up with most early bids on vintage postcards offered about Sunsetsofyore. But there are other things many collectors need to know which often influence their decision to bid and to buy.

That they include:

* DATE: You should be looking for old postcards, typically the older the better, preferably pre-1939, so there’s more probability that places have changed appearance, or changed term, perhaps they no longer exist or the postcard feature situations and people that are little known about today, all of which enhance demand and stimulate high finishing prices.

* MANAGER: Some people collect by publisher, especially firms that specialist in their own local topographical area and rarely, if ever, created postcards of views more than twenty or 25 miles from base. So you’ll find people collecting postcards of Newcastle and Gateshead but only those manufactured by Johnston and Son of Gateshead who were renowned intended for quality, highly detailed postcards under their trademark company name ‘Monarch’. Other famous publishers include Brittain and Wright who worked in Stockton-on-Tees and were famed to the ‘Phoenix Series’ and have a popular following today.

* ISSUE: Condition is important to purist collectors, people who collect postcards per se, but less important to people seeking ‘view cards’ for whom the scene depicted, not the postcard per se, is the main motivation to buy. To satisfy both collector varieties you must give an assessment of condition backed which has a clear and detailed image of the card.

* PIC AND PRODUCTION TYPE: Some people collect only photographic postcards, some accept printed items, others seek artist perception of their topographical area. This should not over concern anyone right now because plentiful collectors exist to buy whatever topographical postcards you list of whatever production type.

* STYLE AND SIZE: The earliest postcards were ‘Court’ size along with smaller than most postcards printed from about 1900. Quite early postcards were undivided back, that is devoid of range down the centre to separate message part from street address section and this also helps date a card in the lack of other clues. Postcards were and still are produced in other styles and formats, such as bookmark size, giant postcards, lettercards like a concertina of pictures, and others you’ll learn as your expertise grows about selling vintage postcard¬†on Sunsetsofyore.