Why I Built My Own Backyard Tiki Bar

Have you ever been somewhere that made you feel excited and wonderful? This 1 reason I constructed my tiki bar. The first time I ever laid eyes on a tiki bar was once I took a Caribbean cruise with my spouse. There’s something about sipping your favorite beverage sitting at one of these magnificent palace bars. I have listed a few reasons I constructed my tiki paradise and why you ought to too!

Great memory enhancers- If you want to talk about bringing back memories, then an outdoor tiki creation might be the answer. When I assembled my bar I chose to place it alongside our pool. Water and a tiki bar equals pleasure! Each time we sit at our tiki bar and listen to tropical music playing at the background, memories of islands we have visited enter our heads. You speak about a way to unwind then tune up; constructing your own tiki bar is the very best thing you could ever do.

Easy to assemble with some instruction- I never thought I could build one of these token structures, using a guide I purchased online, it became very easy. I did all of the initial installation myself and bought most of the stuff at my local home supply store. The Tiki Hut Contractor that I constructed is a 4 x 8 feet variant using a thatched roof laid with palm fronds.

I could manage to build my own heaven – I had the idea in my mind that I would just buy a complete outside bar, but when I found out how much they cost I decided then that building my own bar was a whole lot cheaper! I was surprised by how far I could save building my very own outside bar; actually I saved over $4000.00. The entire price of my tiki bar was just over $1200 which comprised electrical.

Self gratification- I beam with pride when my friends and neighbors ask me where I purchased my”tiki bar”. When I tell them that I built it myself that they look at me with a feeling self-pride knowing that I am beaming from ear to ear.